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Human eyes generally are classified as either Blue or Brown. The people from regions where the sun shines bright and full have eyes, which are normally found to be brown. It is also equally true that the eyes of people hailing from cooler regions are endowed with Blue eyes. Blue and brown are considered to be the two colors that dominate the irides of human beings.

However, owing to our globe increasingly becoming a borderless world, inter-regional, inter-cultural, inter-racial, and inter-caste marriages become inevitable. The result being increasing number of hues started decorating the irides. We now have, blue, dark brown, brown, light brown, hazel, gray, black and mixed irides. It is a well-known axiom that no two human beings are alike. Equally true is that no two eyes are alike. Even your own right and left eyes are not homogenous. The total structure, fiber properties, the choroids, or, vascular coat, which is the bed of all blood vessels, the pigmented layer behind iris and even the composition of rods and cones differ significantly from individual to individual.

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It is reported that there are half a million, nerve connections between the iris and the Brain!

The Retina is considered the inner nervous coat of the eye and comprises of fiber-layers, nerve cells, tissues, rods and cones. It is programmed to receive an image in the form of stimuli of light rays, which falls on the retina. The retina dutifully sends these rays of light stimuli to the visual centers of the brain for classification and interpretation.

Iris controls the amount of light entering the eye.

A If you have night blindness then you may need more vitamins or else just not be a night person as explained in the alternative medicine dictionary. Blue color iris is easy to examine as the very fine membrane of the fibrous tissues are clearly seen. A Brown color iris, because of its pigmentation, which is on the darker side, is difficult to discern. A powerful light is necessary.


“…While with an eye made quite by the power,

Of harmony, and the deep power of Joy,

We see into the life of things…